Information on projection design

Information on projection design

Information on projection design

Detailed information

Interior design with video projections is used in cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, banquet halls, hotels, shopping centers. In kindergartens and schools, design is also used in psychological rooms.
To create a projection, use a laptop (or desktop computer), a conventional video projector, and XNVISION software.

Characteristics of the projection:

  1. Interaction effects with the interior.
    Falling balls or hearts from the ceiling will be repelled by picture frames or furniture and falling to the floor, the falling snow will accumulate in the pictures or the door frames on the wall. You can limit the area of ​​the projection (so it does not fall on other objects except walls and ceiling and the objects in the room), thus creating a live wall effect or live pictures. This is the main difference between the projection and the usual projection of the wall.
  2. A great variety of animations – 850 pieces.
    Nature, space, sea, underwater world, aquarium with fish snow, water, rain, mountains, fire, flowers, butterflies, animals, rivers, patterns, abstractions, hearts, greetings and fireworks, New Year’s Eve selections, Halloween February, February 23, March 8, Wedding Animations and more.
  3. Create your own projection. During use in the projection, you can easily embed your own pictures or pictures, text and video. For example, you can insert a company logo, advertise event messages, or coffee menus.
  4. Convenience of the program:-Personalization for the interior. The user can adjust the projection on the interior (this takes an average of 2 minutes). To do this, use the mouse on the wall to draw inside objects or other objects. For example, to get the projection to surround the hanging picture – you need to put 4 points in the corners of this picture. Likewise, you can walk around furniture, ceiling parts or walls and doors. You can limit the projection area below so that the projector does not shine in people’s eyes. You can also set the projection to appear in the desired areas- Playlists: From the basics of the animation, you can select the required themes and create a playlist. In the list you can set the play time of each animation. Most animations have FullHD resolution (1920 × 1080) or HD (1280 × 720). Video length: 10-60 seconds. Many of them can be seamlessly connected, ie. you can design a movie for a total length of 5 minutes in a row without a visible start and end.- Insert video and photo: In the program you can insert your own videos and play them in full screen by setting the desired shape or limiting the projection area. You can also insert videos and images into small windows and place them on the background animations.-Supported video formats: mp4, avi, mov, mpg, flv, mkv; photos: jpg, png.
  5. Technical specifications
    -Projection Size. The standard projection size of a projector is 3000 lumen in a dark room – 4 × 2.5 meters (a 1280 × 800 resolution) or 4 × 3 meters (resolution 1024 × 768). In total darkness the projection size can be increased to a width of 6-8 meters. It is possible to create a smaller size projection – the image brightness will be higher.-Location of the projector. The projector can be mounted steady on a console / stand – under the ceiling or on the wall. A mobile version of the app is also available – the projector can be placed on the floor, stand, cabinet, desk, tripod, etc.-Connect to a laptop. The projector connects to the laptop via an HDMI or VGA cable. These cables are available anywhere and reach a length of 1.5 to 20 meters.-Surface for projection can be any (wallpaper, paint, cloth, screen, etc.). The main thing is the color of the surface, it should be light (white or other bright color). In dark colors (black, blue, burgundy) the projection is poor.-Design conditions. Projection requires darkening of the room. In daylight, the projection is poor. If the room is bright enough, the projection can be made on a small area, for example, 1 x 0.75 m or 2 x 1.5 m.



Distance from wall to projector.

Different projectors are located at different distances from the wall. Wh the image width is 4 meters, you can select different projector models at a distance of 2 to 8 meters. Projectors located at 2 or 4 meters are called short-focussed. Other projectors can be 6 to 8 meters in length with an image width of 4 meters or more.


Requirements for using XNVISION software :

  1. Projector:
    Minimum requirements: Luminous flux of 2000 lumens, resolution 800×600.
    Recommended requirements: The light output is 3000 lumens or higher, the resolution is 1024 × 768 or higher.
  2. Laptop or desktop computer. Laptop requirements for 1 projector operation:
    Dual-core processor 1.7GHz, 2Gb RAM, 1GB video card, such as Radeon R5 M330, Windows 7, 8, 10
  3. Software License Options:
    1)Standard License – Unlimited Use and 1 Year Updates.
    2) Maximum license – Unlimited usage and updates.


The XNVISION Designer program is available in two ways:
-Send by e-mail with download links.
-Flash memory and courier delivery.


Popular questions and answers

  • Is our projector fitting? “Yes, if it’s operational.” The brightness of the image, the size of the projection will remain the same, the program does not affect them.
  • Will our computer work? – Requirements: 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 2Gb RAM, Radeon R5 M330 or later, Windows 7, 8, 10. You can tell us the characteristics of your computer to clarify the job.
  • How do I activate my computer program? -When you start the program, you will see an activation window. You will need to copy the activation code you have purchased and place it in the box.
  • Can I use the program on multiple computers? -The activation code is only issued to one computer multiple computers, the license price will be higher.
  • What happens if the computer on which the program is installed is broken? – in this case we will issue a new activation code for free.
  • Can I use the computer while the program is running? -Yes, you can configure the program to work on the projector. You can use your old programs on the computer screen.
  • Can I connect multiple projectors to a single computer? -Yes, you need a dedicated computer tha supports multi-screen operation. Software license costs vary depending on the number of projectors. Contact us for a selection of equipment.
  • How many images will be in the program? -The program provides a full animation base. Currently more than 700 pieces.
  • We are in another city, can you train us? -There is a user guide in the program. In addition, we teach customers over the phone and through a remote computer access program
  • Do you have a video showing a large ceiling projection in a small room, how are you doing? – Using a short focus projector that stays on the floor, the projection covers most of the ceiling.


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